How easy is it for you to let dust collect on your Bible?

There was a time when I was first searching out the truth about Jesus Christ that I was embarrassed to let friends see the bible I had purchased sitting in my living room.

Then there was a season during which I was so proud to have my study bible laying open with a bookmark, highlighter and note paper nearby.

Then my bible started to just feel like an extension of my own body… always there, always ready.

Then the bible collection began… I wanted different versions, different purposes, different looks and different styles. A bible for my bedroom, a bible for the car and a bible just in case someone needs one.

And sadly… there has been a season in my life where my bible collected dust. How can that be?

Why read the Bible?

A. It shows you the right path.
B. It alerts you when you are getting off the right path.
C. It teaches you how to get back on the right path.
D. It empowers you to stay on the right path.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Finding and staying on the right path? And isn’t life always trying to get us off of the right path? The Bible is our Path Guide. We dare not let it collect dust – or worse yet, be left behind completely.

Joel Osteen and his father before him begin every service at Lakewood Church by leading the entire congregation in a simple prayer of confession and it starts like this:

“This is my Bible:
I am what it says I am;
I have what it says I have;
I can do what it says I can do.”

When you open your Bible to spend some quiet time with your God – Do you believe that you are what the Bible says you are? Do you believe that you have what it says you have? Do you really believe that you can do what it says you can do?

How will you approach your Bible today?

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